Bartley Motor Sports (BMS) is owned by Terry and Peter Bartley.  BMS owns and operates the 36t Sprint Car. 


Peter has been no stranger to mechanical equipment. At the age of 10 he was building go-carts and doing small engine repair in his parent’s basement. During his early teenage years he maintained his lawn business equipment and other small gas engines. After turning 16, he started working on cars with his former neighbor Dean Cook, a City of Port Arthur Fleet Maintenance employee, who also did side jobs at his house. Working with Dean on these side jobs helped Peter buy tools and learn automotive repair. Peter's first car did not have a working engine so Peter and Dean overhauled and installed one. 

During his college years he did side jobs for friends and family and one summer worked at an Automotive / Truck repair shop in Groves, TX. While living in California, Peter and his wife Terry started building a sandrail in the one car garage at their Rancho Cucamonga Apartment. Working together they spent a few months in the Fall designing and assembling their sandrail; finally taking it to the dunes for testing it Jan '94. They kept the sandrail after leaving California. Now living on the East Coast they take it to Michigan, Texas and California to go off-roading and riding on the sand dunes. In 1996 they attended their first Sprint Car race at Lincoln Speedway and were hooked on the thrills of dirt track racing. They have been visiting area tracks ever since but prefer Lincoln Speedway each Saturday night. 

In 2002 Peter attended the Dave Blaney driving experience at Lincoln Speedway, driving 50 laps. In the ’04 and ’05 season they helped on a Pit Crew at a few 358 races and have wanted to put a Sprint Car on the track ever since. Mid year ’06, they purchased two older Sprint cars. In the summer of ’06 Peter attended the Smiley’s Outlaw driving school. The school is a combination of theory and driving; with one-on-one instruction. Peter drove 120 laps at the track receiving instruction after each heat. Both events were a good introduction to Sprint Car driving but now the real learning begins... 

We looked forward to the inaugural ’07 season. We had a lot to learn and look forward to an exciting season. We want to thank everyone who has helped us with advice and assistance. Stop by the trailer any Friday Night at Trail-Way Speedway and Saturday nights during 358 races at Lincoln Speedway to say "hello". On Saturdays during non 358 races we are up in the stands or walking around the pits.

After close to 30 races across the two local tracks we finished our season. We had a great time, learned a great deal and have made many friends. We received the Sportsmanship Award from Trail-way Speedway in Jan 2008 at their ARCH award banquet.

SEASON 2 - 2008      

Well having raced a full season at two race tracks we have learned a great deal and found there is so much more to racing then anyone could ever imagine. Having said that we are back for the 2008 season with a 2003 Eagle and hopes to continue to improve with more seat time. Funds are especially tight this season with the increased costs and putting the car together. We got a late start to the season but hope to make up for it in the points at TW. The season started off well at TW with a first night finish of 12th. Lincoln hasn’t been as good so we are going to be running TW each week and running some Lincoln races as money warrants.  

Terry continues to give 110% and enjoys her time at the track. Terry and I are the pit crew at TW and we work very well together to get everything done. Our Lincoln pit crew included Ed, Bryan and Tim. Tim is went out on his own this season and raced a few at TW.

During this season Peter started up front several times instead of opting for the rear. During one race he finished 4th and got to draw a pill for his starting position in the feature. Our best Heat run was 8-8-2008. The 2008 season was great and we look forward to racing in 2009.


SEASON 3 - 2009      

We are hoping to be racing at least a few races in 2009. A certification course mid-spring and an out of town wedding delayed starting the season. In addition, waiting on word of a contract extension for Peter's job has delayed us starting racing. We are now back and ran our first race of the '09 season on June 12th 2009!! It was great to be back and racing. We will be running Trail-way and Lincoln as much as we can.



SEASON 4 - 2010      

We are hoping to be racing at least a few races in 2010. A new job for Peter in March has changed our finances a bit. We still have the car and everything so will try to make the races we can. Also he is off every other Friday but the Fridays he works he gets off work a bit to late to make it to the track. 2010 will be our rebuilding year!!!

Driver - Peter Bartley PO Box 392
Crew Chief - Terry Bartley Abingdon, MD 21009
Engine Work - Jimmy Travis Email: Peter.Bartley@bartleymotorsports.com