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Date Event Results  
Saturday Mar 15, 2008 Lincoln Speedway 358 Sprint Opener Waiting on Engine. 36
Tuesday Mar 25, 2008 @5pm Trail-Way Tech and Tune Night Waiting on Engine.  
Friday April 4th, 2008 Trail-Way Season Opener Rained Out. 35
Friday April 11th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained Out. 34
Saturday April 12, 2008 @2pm Lincoln Speedway Waiting on Engine. 33
Friday April 18th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Season Opener Waiting on Engine. Twenty one 358's in attendance, we watched the action from the Pit Grandstands. 32
Friday April 25th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Working on the car. 31
Friday May 2nd, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Our season opener!! This was the debut of the newly assembled 2003 Eagle chassis and our new paint scheme. 21 cars in attendance, started 10th out of 11 in first heat, finished 10th; all cars qualified. The ran old tires and the setup was off so made the best of it in the heat. Started 19th in the feature and finished 12th!!! Car ran very well and I had pedal left on the straight-aways. Setup was much better in the feature. 30
Saturday May 3, 2008 @7pm Lincoln Speedway Slid into the wall coming out of turn 4 during hot laps on a very wet track. Being our test weekend we didn't have parts so we watched the show until it was cancelled do to rain. The car is back together and ready for Lincoln next week, we have the week off at TW next Friday May 9th 29
Saturday May 10, 2008 @7pm Lincoln Speedway Well another 1st try at Lincoln with the new car!! The track was drier this week with the running of the make-up 410 feature starting the program. We started 10th in 4th heat, finished 10th. Setup was off but this was the first real racing at Lincoln with this car. Made some changes for the Consi. Started 12th finished 10th, setup was better but the learning curve on this car has started. Took several notes on the changes and the handling of the car. The engine was real strong. Had a full crew of Ed, Bryan, Tim and his friend, thanks for the help guys!!! Terry made sure everything was ready for me when I went out each time. Be sure to check out the couple of pictures.... 28
Friday May 16th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained Out. 27
Friday May 23rd, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Our second race at TW!! The car handled a lot better in the turns and we had lots of power. Started last in the second heat but had a lot of trouble passing the #10 who barely held his line. About 1/2 way thru the heat, we started leaking gear oil from the front seal of the rear end. With 25 cars in attendance we were unsure if a Consi would be run. The 7 non-qualifying all made it out for the Consi. We added some oil and raced it as it was. I passed into a qualifying spot but got re-passed shortly before the finish. I didn't think it was worth destroying a rear end and possibly more for $100 and points. My Mom was in from TX and watched the races and took some pictures. Terry and she were the pit crew... The rear has been replaced with the old tried and true from last season and we are looking forward to running hard on Friday..... We are 25th in the points even with the bad run this past weekend. click here 26
Friday May 30th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  After a disappointing week with the rear-end trouble, we were excited to get back and try it again. Opting for the rear we started 8th out of 9 and finished 8th in the first heat, all cars qualified. We started 15th in the feature. A red flag on lap 9 took out 3 cars. After a yellow flag on lap 11 I was in last place and having trouble getting around the 9 and 66h. Lap #14 the 9 and 66h spun in turn #2 and restarted behind me. The remaining 11 laps I continued pull ahead of the 9 and 66h who were lapped by the winner on lap 23. I finished 12th for the second time out of 3 races this season. I still need to make a few more setup changes to improve handling but had plenty of speed on the straight-aways. Terry was the total Pit crew making sure I was ready to go. We are 21th in the points; hope we can advance with the expectation of more cars next week. click here 25
Saturday May 31, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway We aren't racing Saturdays for a while to save much needed $$ and to focus on improving our results at TW on Friday nights.  24
Friday June 6th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  The track was especially wet tonight and even the running of the Thunder Car make-up feature before our heats did not significantly dry the rough surface. We started 8th out of 8 and finished 7th in the first heat, all cars qualified. We started 18th out of 22 scheduled in the feature and had our work cut out for us in a red flag filled race. On the 16th lap the 66h and 9 got together in front of me forcing me into the infield as the two cars became stacked on top of each other. My left front tire tagged the side of an infield tire but caused minimal damage. I was pushed around to turn 1-2 during the red for which was opened for refueling all the cars. A couple more yellow flags and I was holding the 13th position. On lap 24, a flipping #29 in turns 3 and 4 brought out an extended red once again and moved me up to 12th. With a final lap remaining and 2 fast cars behind me I had to hold on for one more lap. On the restart I made it OK around turns 1-2 to keep the lead; two cars in front of me started to get together and when I got back on the gas in turn 3-4 I started to turn sideways and went up into the infield allowing the two behind me to finish 12th and 13th. We took a disappointing 14th. O well we had a car to push into the trailer and we made it thru another great Friday PM at Trail-Way. Still holding on at 21st click here  23
Friday June 13th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  We started 10th out of 10 cars in the heat and finished 9th. Got by the 66h on the first lap. The 28h stopped on the backstretch after lap #2 and rejoined the group in the rear. Held him off for a couple laps until the yellow came out. He passed me on the restart and even commented how he couldn't catch me until the yellow reset the track. With 20 cars in attendance all made the feature. We started 17th and finished 16th. No wrecks during the feature which after a yellow on lap 2 went 16 consecutive laps under green. It took me 10- laps of that green to finally pass the 66h and make up time until the leaders caught me and worked their way thru the track. The yellow came out on lap 18 for a car with a flat tire (the track was rough as anything), resetting everyone single file. Another yellow for a car with a flat, a spin into the infield (me) and a car with a blown motor on the 22nd lap finished out the feature. The setup was a little off but we ran hard and did what we could once past the slower car. Tim and Pam helped Terry with the car, thanks for the help!! We are excited about running again next week and as usual putting the car back in the trailer in one piece was win in our book. Dropped to 22nd in the points. click here 22
Friday June 20th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained Out!!!  21
Saturday June 21, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Since we weren't able to run TW we decided to run Lincoln. (we are still only running 1 track a weekend) We changed some parts put in a new setup to make the car handle better. There were 43  358's in attendance. To start the night off, during the Hot Laps the #81 car flipped right behind me. We were in Heat #1, (12 cars/4 to qualify), we started 11th and finished 10th. During the heat the #18 car started to get sideways in front of me just as I was setting up to pass him in turn #2. My front bumper hit his LR wheel spinning him and tipping him. I only had front bumper damage and was able to continue. Jimmy called after the hot laps and told me I had to run a lot harder and that the car would turn, he was right!! On a few of the laps I pushed it harder and usual and was surprised to successfully made it around without meeting the wall... We were in the 1st Consolation (15 cars/4 to qualify), we started 13th and finished 12th. It was an interesting evening and definitely learned a few things that will hopefully benefit us in later weeks. We had a full crew with the usual help from Bryan and Ed and a crew member from the 54j Late Model of Warehime Jr. Terry and I appreciate all the help!!! I moved up from 53rd to 48th in points!! click here Pictures and videos are posted from Saturday. click here 20
Friday June 27th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  We drove thru rain on the way to the track fearing the worst. They opened the gates about 30 minutes late and actually the pits weren't that wet. The track, however, was very wet and had to be worked in for quite awhile. During the working the track delay, they held the Sprint Car driver meet-n-greet on the Midway. We had requests for autographs including hats and pages. It was very exciting to see a few fans were interested in the 36t team. We were in Heat #1, (10 cars/all to qualify), we started 9th and finished 9th. The track was very muddy and I spent a lot of time trying to see while pushing up on the #18j. We started 18th out of 20 the feature, we finished a disappointing 15th. Again the track was wet and I spent most of the time following the 18j and 66h unable to pass. The car handled well with the newer setup, just never got a chance to run hard. Tim came up to help us and he and Terry spent a lot of time scraping heavy mud off the car. We had over 50lbs of mud on the car after the feature. A big thanks for helping!!! We are back up to 21st in the points. click here We get to do it again this week!!! Pictures have been added. 19
Friday July 4th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained Out!!!  18
Saturday July 5, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Family stuff we couldn't miss. 17
Friday July 18th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Started out as a hot night. 23 cars in attendance. Started 1st in the second heat, finished 6th. Started 17th in feature and finished 13th. It was a flag filled race with only 6 laps run sequentially under green. The track was very dusty early on. Peter's brother Mark and family and friend from TX were in attendance in the stands. Tim and his Dad helped Terry in the Pits. Great to have everyone!!! A big thanks for helping!!! We moved up to 18th in the points. click here We get to do it again this week!!!  16
Saturday July 19, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Family in town. 15
Friday July 25th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  We made some big changes to setup after last week. There were 22 cars in attendance including 2 new ones. Started 6th out of 7 finishing 6th in the second heat. Started 17th in feature and finished 14th with several cars unable to catch me. Only 3 cars DNF. The track was very well prepared and the car handled very well under power around the turns. We moved up to 17th in the points. click here We get to do it again this week!!!    14
Saturday July 26, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Out of Town. 13
Friday Aug 1st, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  There were 27 cars in attendance this week!!! Started 1st out of 9 finishing 6th in the third heat and qualified. Car handled very well but the track was especially rough and rutted. TW re-graded the track for the feature. We started 18th in feature and finished 18th. Setup was off and the car handled poorly. My sister Lisa and her husband Paul visited us at the track from Amarillo, TX. Was good to have family there cheering for us. We are still 17th in the points. click here We get to do it again this week!!!    12
Saturday Aug 2, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Family in town. 11
Friday Aug 8th, 2008 @730pm

Trail-Way Speedway 

TW - Lincoln Shootout

Yes the Trail-way - Lincoln Shootout. 25 cars in attendance vying for the 24 positions in the feature. We drew pills for starting position, drivers who had competed at TW at least 8 times got to draw two. I pulled a #89 and a #2. The #2 put me on the pole in the heat and I chose to start there to hopefully avoid having to run in the Consi. The track was smooth and tacky, the setup felt good and fast in the warm-ups so we went for it. I was in Heat #1, we had 9 cars, 10 Laps/7 cars to transfer to the feature, we placed 4th with the cars behind me not posing any threat.  To set the line-up for the feature, the top 4 drivers from each heat gathered on the front stretch to draw for the 12 starting spots. Badly wanting to draw a #12 I knew I would draw a pole position... I did.. pulling the #2 pill from the rusty tin can and half-heartily reading the number on the plastic chip into the microphone so the entire track could hear. I opted to start 24th figuring it might be a little early in my career to start in front of some folks. The car handled very well thru the feature and by passing folks and avoiding a couple of wrecks; I finished a respectable 13th for the night. Terry made sure we had everything ready to go, the car setup and that my helmet had enough tear-offs for the track conditions. Joe, a friend of hers from Elkton, MD came down and helped where he could. Joe, we both appreciate the 2 hr+ drive to watch us race. We are still 17th in the points but reduced the 21 point difference to 7 points which made the night even better!!!!  click here We get to do it again this week!!! Pictures are posted!!!! 10
Saturday Aug 9, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Prior Commitments, we watched..... 9
Friday Aug 15th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  31 cars in attendance at Trail-way!!! Wow, now we have to work to make the feature...! Selected for Heat #4, 7 cars, 10 Laps / 5 cars to transfer to the feature. We had a solid group of good drivers in the heat including the points leader 7v and two time winner #88. Finished 5th after a strong and fast paced run. Started 20th in the feature running strong until the track dried out. Lost some positions at the end but finished 17th. Terry made sure we had everything ready to go, the car setup and that my helmet had enough tear-offs for the track conditions. We are still 17th in the points but reduced the 7 point difference to 3 points. click here We get to do it again this week!!!  8
Friday Aug 22nd, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  30 cars in attendance again at Trail-way!!! Wow, now we have to work to make the feature...! Selected for Heat #4, 7 cars, 10 Laps / 5 cars to transfer to the feature. We had a solid group of good drivers in the heat. Finished 7th missing the transfer. In the Consi, 10 cars, 10 Laps / 4 cars to transfer to the feature, started 7th, finished 6th missing the transfer to the feature. I made some changes this past week to the setup we have been running the past 3 weeks and it loosened the car up to much. Going back to what we know is working. Terry cleaned off a lot of mud and made sure we had everything ready to go. We got to watch the feature together.. We are still 17th in the points but as bad as our luck was, the 16th place person was good. We are almost at a 47 point difference. click here Our photographer was off this weekend so no video or pics for 8-22-08. :(  We get to do it again this week!!! 7
Saturday Aug 23, 2008 @730pm Lincoln Speedway Didn't race. 6
Friday Aug 29th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained Out. 5
Friday Sep 5th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Only 26 cars in attendance. Selected for the 3rd Heat (10 Laps/7 Qualify) – finished a barley qualifying 7th, the setup is still a little off. Started 21st in the feature under the threat of rain. After 6 laps the #41 spun in front of me and I slid to a stop next him. The 59t chose to try to stop and crashed into my front end. The damage was too much to continue. A big thanks to the whole team of the #51 who jumped right in and helped us change the parts on the car. The race was called at lap 16 due to rain. Before the race was called, 4 cars flipped and were destroyed including a clean break of one of the driver’s arms in other incidents. Maybe it was good we went out in 22nd place. Our friend, Dane Crook from Bel Air, came to watch us. He grew up in Hanover around sprint cars and the local tracks but enjoyed seeing racing from the driver’s side of racing. It was great having you join us… Terry kept the car ready and supported me the entire night. Luv ya!!! We are still in 17th place. click here   4
Saturday Sep 6, 2008 @700pm Lincoln Speedway Final 358 Race Rained out Saturday, held Sunday PM, we didn't race. 3
Friday Sep 12h, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway  Rained out. 2
Friday Sep 19th, 2008 @730pm Trail-Way Speedway Final Race 2008!!! Final race of the season!!! 31 cars in attendance competing for $2000 to win. A few of the big names from other tracks in attendance. Drew numbers for starting position. Unlike the luck low numbers I drew last time; I drew a 78 and 96, putting us in the back of Heat #1 (10 Laps/5 Qualify) – started 8th and finished 7th. Started place 5th in the Consi and finished a non qualifying 8th out of 11. Terry and I watched the Feature together. She made sure the car ready and supported me the entire night. We finished the year in 17th place. click here Still had a learning curve this year and missing the first 2 races hurt us in the points. We had a great year though we ran fewer races (only 2 on Saturdays) due to funds but enjoyed meeting new people and fighting the fight each week. A big thanks to Greg for the pictures each week for the Site, we appreciate your generosity and assistance with them. Terry and I are sad the season is over but with all the seriously hurt drivers in the past month it will give them and us time to recover, recoup funds and work on a strategy for '09. Stay tuned - Mar '09 isn't that far away!!!!! 1